Sunday, 26 April 2015

First Flight of mine

Peace be upon you., ;)

Every single things in our life have the starting point. And its different from one person to another. But, surely Allah is Highly Wise. He will give the nikmat to everyone He want. 

At the age of 27, that was my first time took a flight. Haha. Just to learn and wanna feel how of being up there in the sky. Keh3.

I asked Eyla (my colleague) and Diha (my bff) to join me. And luckily, they agreed as it was also their first time. Hehe. Geng la kiteee.. haha

So, we decided to go only for one-day trip. From Kota Bharu to Kuala Lumpur. 28th Jan 2015. Pergi pagi, balik malam. Haha. Well, i told u. Hanya amik mood kali prtama naik flight. ;p

view from the flight's window.

Landing time.
My first time at Klia 2.

Now Everyone Can Fly katanya.haha.

In the Klia 2.
Wow! Airport plus shopping complex.
Sume adooo.. nak sesat pn bleh dalam ni.hehe

we took Klia Transit to go to Kl Sentral.
Becoz kalo dh kt Kl Sentral, nk p mana2 pn senang ;)

3 dara pingitan *_^

Singgah sebentar di Putrajaya Sentral.

As we reached kL Sentral, we headed to the Food Court. Sebabnya i really2 want to eat my Favourite fried rice there. But, tgk gambar atas ni. Arghhh., close for renovation -_-
Frust sket2 lg nk menunggeng kt ctu.haha

So, plan changed. Terus kitorng ke Sogo. 
Mula2 sekali, isi perut. Lunch at Sogo.

And then, we went to the Kedai Muadz. 
Main aim: shopping tudung! ;)

After that, we went to Times Square and Plaza Low Yat.

After maghrib, we headed to Klia 2.
And about midnight, we reached our homeland. 
Full day.
Tired? Exhausted? Yess..but Happy!

♡ thanx to Eyla and Diha for accompanying me. ;)

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