Saturday, 23 April 2016

Aircond problem solved.

Peace be upon you.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016.
Thumbelina's aircond is back to normal.
Alhamdulillah. Yeay! Hehe

Recommended here. Very good service☺

This in the main problem. The clutch of the aircond compressor.

Here is the boss.. hehe. Tq uncle! U r such a good and kind-hearted man. 

Total : rm550 (clutch+filter+service)

*when it comes to any problem, we must take into consideration from many side.

Mksud sy..contohnya kalo bab aircond rosak, jgn terus baiki. Sebaliknya, kena survey byk tmpat n byk brtanya. Jd kita akan puas hati bila dpt yg trbaik. Hehe.

Till then, bye!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Unexpected thing happened!

Peace be upon you.. ;)

Unexpected thing = benda tak dijangka.

In life, we have to accept the unexpected thing happened. (Betul ke x grammar english ni xtau la..haha. yg penting, nk try writing) hehe.

So, my story begin like this.
Yesterday morning, Thumbelina's aircond was being in really good condition.. (note: Thumbelina is my car).

At 1 p.m., it got problem. It's not functioning like always. Sigh ;(
Can u imagine i have to drive in hot weather at this time? Grrr..

I went to workshop and also to perodua service centre at Berek 12. So..the main problem was the aircond compressor. And i was like got a bom in my head when they told me it cost about more than 1k. Huh?

Just here my little 2 cents :
Its just like acute disease. Out of sudden we got problems. Yes, we can solve it. But, how ready we are? Hmm.. by hook or by crook, i have to settle it, right? ;)

I positively think that was just aircond problem. How if i get health problems in a sudden? So, i told myself, i can solve this. Yes, i can. ;)

In future,
Ready for
Unexpected thing
In life.


Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Kawan ke kita?

Peace be upon you.. ;)

Kawan. Mengaku kawan. Bl org tye awk bkawan dgn dia tak? Ye, sy kawan dgn dia. JADI kalo mengaku kawan. Jaga dia. Jaga maruah dia. Jaga barang2 dan semua yg berkaitan dengannya semasa ketiadaannya. Barulah betul KAWAN.

Bila org ngumpat pasal kwn kita- awak terus percaya dan join skaki. Kawan ke awk cmtu?

Bila org kata yg tak elok pasal kwn kita- awak tak tolong back up sikit pn kn. Awk siap tambah lg ada la kn. Kawan ke awk cmtu?

Bila org tak suke kwn kita- awk takde pn tolong bg penerangan yg baik2 kn? Awak takde pn cite kebaikan2 yg pernah kawan awk lakukan sepanjang awk brkawan dengannya supaya org luar yg tak kenal dia akan pk positif psl dia kn? Kawan ke awk cmtu?

Jernihkan kawan awk.. andai betul awk betul berkawan dgn dia. Buatkan org pk yg awk sedang brkawan dgn org yg baik2. Kenapa awk sendiri yg burukkan kawan sendiri di hadapan org yg tak kenal pn kwn awk tu?

Sometimes, i wondering..betul ke awak kwn sy jikalau awk join mereka burukkan sy?


Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Peace be upon you.. ;)

It has been 2months i ignored this blog. Hehe. I love to write, but it looks like that i am lazy to write nowadays. Sighhh 😅

2months guys. Many things came up and down in my life. Somehow i learned so many things. And i agree that i absolutely have to be grateful as often as possible.

I got chances, i got gifts, i got love and etc. Too many to bless. I am grateful till today. Sometimes when i face with problems, but Allah will show me that there are many other people that have more bigger problems than mine, simultaneously. Allah loves me. He doesn't me tu upset easily, right? 😊

Actually i have some story to put on this blog (for me to reminiscing those story in my life in the future).

Maybe in the next entry. Insya Allah. Hehe 😊😊