Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Peace be upon you.. ;)

It has been 2months i ignored this blog. Hehe. I love to write, but it looks like that i am lazy to write nowadays. Sighhh 😅

2months guys. Many things came up and down in my life. Somehow i learned so many things. And i agree that i absolutely have to be grateful as often as possible.

I got chances, i got gifts, i got love and etc. Too many to bless. I am grateful till today. Sometimes when i face with problems, but Allah will show me that there are many other people that have more bigger problems than mine, simultaneously. Allah loves me. He doesn't me tu upset easily, right? 😊

Actually i have some story to put on this blog (for me to reminiscing those story in my life in the future).

Maybe in the next entry. Insya Allah. Hehe 😊😊


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