Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Unexpected thing happened!

Peace be upon you.. ;)

Unexpected thing = benda tak dijangka.

In life, we have to accept the unexpected thing happened. (Betul ke x grammar english ni xtau la..haha. yg penting, nk try writing) hehe.

So, my story begin like this.
Yesterday morning, Thumbelina's aircond was being in really good condition.. (note: Thumbelina is my car).

At 1 p.m., it got problem. It's not functioning like always. Sigh ;(
Can u imagine i have to drive in hot weather at this time? Grrr..

I went to workshop and also to perodua service centre at Berek 12. So..the main problem was the aircond compressor. And i was like got a bom in my head when they told me it cost about more than 1k. Huh?

Just here my little 2 cents :
Its just like acute disease. Out of sudden we got problems. Yes, we can solve it. But, how ready we are? Hmm.. by hook or by crook, i have to settle it, right? ;)

I positively think that was just aircond problem. How if i get health problems in a sudden? So, i told myself, i can solve this. Yes, i can. ;)

In future,
Ready for
Unexpected thing
In life.


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