Saturday, 22 August 2015

Officially 27

Peace be upon you.. ;)

20 Ogos 2015, i am officially upgraded to 27.
Yup, 27. So what? Hehe. Dulu2 slalu kata pada diri sendiri, bilalah nak 25..bilalah nk 25.. tup2, now 27. Nak ape lagi? Hehe. Kelip mata klip pah klip pah, sedar dan tanpa sedar, dh bralih ke usia 27.

Hmmm.. whats my achievement until today ek?
'Apa yg dh aku buat dgn umurku setakat ni.,'
Thats the question that i always asked to myself. And sometimes i have the answer, and sometimes its opposite. 

Well, to know ourselves its quite tough rite? Tak kenal, maka tak cinta. But the problem is, sometimes i dont even know myself. Serious. Haha. But, when i want something, i will go for it. If i dont want, nobody can force me. Yes. Its me. ;)

27, although its just a number, but its hide everything. Ape nk kata ek, org tak tahu ape yg kita dah lalui sepanjg hidup ni. Your life is yours, and my life is mine. You dont even know what i am going through until today. Somehow i wish it would be lovely to be a kid forever, but actually, being a mature human gives you many things to be learn. Lagi lama hidup, lagi banyak pengalaman. Dan pengalaman setiap orang berbeza. Memang berbeza.

To be alive today is the most grateful things in my life. Nobody know what i had going through in 2-3 years before. So many things i've learned. About love and life and about how to survive in the future.

I wish my years ahead will be more meaningful. Alhamdulillah to Allah for giving me a chance to be a 27. 

Doaku dlm hati, ku yakin Allah tahu semuanya.

Tinta 27.

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