Wednesday, 3 June 2015


Peace be upon you.. ;)

My colleagues and i were having a very2 simple potluck last few weeks. Just for our Friday lunch.
Just me, Eyla, K.zila and K.da. hehe..and we had our lunch at the area of Mama Chop Papa Grill. (Pinjam meja org plak tu. Haha)

Our simple potluck ;)
K.da : ayam masak pedas
K.zila : telur hancur+kacang panjang+telur mata
Eyla : nasi putih panas-panas
Me : dessert ( kek simple+kekk batik)

Minuman plak.. air masak sendiri bawak. Haha jaga kesihatan x nak air manis-manis :P

Girls powerr..haha.
Makan bertambah 2x sorang. Keh3

* potluck~ is a gathering of people where each person or group of people contributes a dish of food prepared by the person or the group, to be shared among the larger gathered group. -wikipedia.

Till then,
Bye. ;)

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