Tuesday, 17 March 2015

11. Puding Biskut Senang

Peace be upon you.. ;)

I usually look for any recipes that i think is the easiest for me. Well.. i'm amateur.. just at the beginning to befriend with the kitchen. HAHA.

Last night i made Puding Biskut yg paling senang. Hehe.

Only used 3 things.

10 pieces cream cracker biscuits + 2 eggs + 1/2 cups of sweetened creamer.

First step, rendamkan biskut ke dalam air supaya lembut.

in the meanwhile, blend the eggs with the sweetened cream..

Then, tapis air drp biskut tadi, dan masukkan biskut ke dlm bahan yg kita blend tadi. And, blend them again.

After that, masukkan ke dalam bekas, then kukus selama 30minit. Selepas itu, sejukkan dan masukkan ke dalam peti ais. Done!

*first time in my life using 'pengukus'. Weee ;)

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