Thursday, 12 March 2015

1. again, i try again. :)

With the name of God..

Peace be upon you.. :)

At the time i'm writing this post, it's already midnight.

My eyes quite stubborn right now. Dunno why. (Keras kepala mcm tuan je. Hehe)

again, tonight, i'm creating this blog. Again, after my older 2 blogs are forgotten. haha. (Hopefully this one will be better than before).

Frankly, i'm creating this blog is to practise my writing in English. And also to make this as  my diary. Haha. Lately, i found myself not so gooood in remembering a few things. (Dh makin tua kn, haha).

Live life to the fullest!

Yup, thats what i'm doing now.
And i want to remember all those thing, what i'm doing in my daily life with my loves one, with families, with friends and all people around me.

So, here i am.

Nik Nur Alaniah Nik Isa, 27, single but not available :P


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