Friday, 13 March 2015


Peace be upon you.. :)

Today i want share about my Thumbelina.
Of course the first thing come to some people when heard about Thumbelina is a cartoon, right? HEHE.

My Thumbelina is my car. KAH2.
I named my car as Thumbelina.
grrrr.. jangan gelak please..

The first that i owned after one year working (after my graduation). Actually, i dont want to cepat2 beli kereta, but maybe dah rezeki waktu itu. ;)

As long as i remember, i started working at my second workplace on 24th june 2012.
On the 25th june 2012, i get Thumbelina.

Everybody have their own way to release tension or whatever, and i prefer to be with my Thumbelina.hehe. Go anywhere only with Thumbelina is my pleasure. I feel calm.
You know la kan..(rasa mcm mn bila ada harta sndiri kan..) HEHE.

but, i always remind myself that all that we have in this small word adalah PINJAMAN DARI ALLAH.

Remember that. ;)

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  1. nak snap pic thumbeline ke mooo kat sebelah tu??hiiiii